The Original Medi Muffin

Soft and chewy horse treats that are perfect for hiding medications and are picky pony approved!

Medi Muffins are a molasses based horse treat that horses LOVE to eat. Medi Muffins can be used as a traditional horse treat but they feature a convenient pocket that can disguise horse pills. Medi Muffins are soft and chewy and easily pinch closed around medications.

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Our goal is to ship your order within one week of purchase. Please note, however, that to ensure freshness, we often make Medi Muffins to order so there may be a delay while we handcraft your order. Orders may take 2-3 weeks to fulfill based on baking schedule. If this is the case, we will contact you with details. Thanks for your business and understanding!



Rhythm (the fuzzy beast to the left) is a "Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you" sort of horse when it comes to unpleasant experiences.

So after a hellish few days of vet bills and a "how did you do that??" injury, he was completely fed up with having bute powder in his grain.

Could we have given him paste instead?


But on a Wednesday night at 10pm when I'd already worked 60 hours in the last seven days, that prospect sounded less than appealing. Unless you own The Perfect Horse, I'm sure you understand how frustrating it is to lose medicine once your horse spits it out.

Instead, Burli Equine graciously donated one of their pill-pocket muffins, popped some bute in, fed it to Rhythm, and the big gray horse was never the wiser. He poked his nose out, looking for more!

Thanks, Burli Equine!

Being the eternal skeptic, when Jordan Palubicki arrived at my stable yesterday with the Medi-Muffin, and stated "it works for ANY horse", I chuckled to myself. I thought, "Let's go try it on Jazz, my 30 year old off the track thoroughbred, he won't eat it, he hates everything (with medicine in it)." Jazz turns his nose up to ANY mash, no matter how luscious, he sniffs out the bute, the SMZ, anything!

We broke a bute in half, wrapped each half in a Medi-Muffin and marched out to the pasture Jazz was in. Jordan confidently fed him one and then the other. For sure he would spit it out, right? For sure, he would refuse the second Medi-Muffin, right? I couldn't believe it, he ate both, and didn't even shake his head up and down - sure sign he is onto the scam.

Jazz is here to say that he likes it, it tricked him and a Medi-Muffin is way easier to use than making a mash and having most of it dumped in the stall. Since Jazz is 30 and is missing "a few" teeth, we are also keeping the Medi-Muffins around for his private stash of treats; they are soft, tasty, easy for him to chew, and he deserves it!!

Thank you, sincerely Amy Anderson and Jazz (Skip School).

I LOVE Medi-Muffins! As the horsemanship director of a 40-horse lesson program, I am frequently having to give bute to our older equines. Previous to Medi-Muffins, I would TRY (usually without success) to hide a crushed pill in their grain. If that failed, I'd mix up the medicine with water and syringe it into their mouth. It took a few minutes and was a less-than-fun task. Now, I just put the pill in a couple of Muffins and give the horse a treat. It is SO EASY and the horses love it! Thanks for the great product!